Advanced Higher Music

AH MusicCourse structure
The Course consists of three mandatory Units and the Course assessment. Each of the component Units of the Course is designed to provide progression from the corresponding Units at Higher.

Music: Performing Skills (Advanced Higher)

In this Unit, learners will develop a range of advanced performing skills appropriate to their two selected instruments, or to their one selected instrument and voice. Through regular practice and reflection, learners will develop and creatively refine their performing skills while exploring a variety of musically and technically challenging music.

ADV MusicMusic: Composing Skills (Advanced Higher)
In this Unit, learners will develop a range of advanced skills in creating music. They will experiment with and apply a range of compositional techniques and devices in refined and sophisticated ways when creating their own original music, drawing on their understanding of composers’ work and approaches and the creative process.

musicUnderstanding and Analysing Music (Advanced Higher)
In this Unit, through listening, learners will develop their understanding of music styles, music concepts and musical literacy. Learners will work independently, demonstrating aural skills and an in-depth understanding of music and music concepts when investigating, analysing and commenting on sections of musical movements or works.

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