Higher Music

MusicCourse structure

The Course has an integrated approach to learning and includes a mixture of practical learning, and related understanding of music. In the Course learners will draw upon their understanding of music styles and concepts as they experiment with using these in creative ways when performing and creating music.

Higher MusicTo achieve the Course, learners must successfully complete the three mandatory Units, and the Course assessment. Each of the component Units of the Course are designed to provide progression to the corresponding Units at Advanced Higher.

Music: Performing Skills (Higher)

In this Unit, learners will develop performing skills two selected instruments, or on one selected instrument and voice. They will perform challenging level-specific music with sufficient accuracy and will maintain the musical flow realising the composers’ intentions. Learners will, through regular practice and critical self-reflection and evaluation, develop their technical and musical performing skills.

Music: Composing Skills (Higher)
In this Unit, learners will experiment with, and use compositional methods and music concepts in creative ways to realise their intentions when creating original music. Learners will critically reflect on and evaluate the impact and effectiveness of their choices and decisions on their music. They will also analyse how musicians and composers create music in different ways and the influences on their music.

Understanding Music (Higher)
In this Unit, through listening, learners will develop detailed knowledge and understanding of a range of level specific music concepts, and music literacy. They will analyse the impact of social and cultural influences on the development of specific music styles and identify level-specific music concepts in excerpts of music, and music signs and symbols used in music notation.

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