At Port Glasgow High School Pupils are given the opportunity to experience drama at all levels, from S1 Curriculum for Excellence through to Higher and Advanced Higher levels in the senior school.

Miss Tina Harper

What your child will learn
The first and second year courses are divided into a variety of skills including: Mime; Movement; Voice Skills; Improvisation; Presentation skills; Role Play; Characterisation; Imaginary Community and Speech Situation's. The vision of these units is to encourage confident and successful learners in Drama. The S1 and S2 course will provide pupils with learning experiences which offer challenge, personalisation and choice. They will acquire a breadth of drama terminology which will enable them to apply their learning across subjects. They will gain confidence and skills which will enable them to deal with situation's in their lives and social situation's which may arise.

How your child will learn
Drama is a subject that relies on self and peer assessment. The lesson will begin with Learning Intentions which will highlight the skills that the pupils will learn. As Drama in early years is an aesthetic subject, pupils will learn and recognise their own individual learning styles through team work. Through interaction with different peers they will learn negotiating skills and self awareness. Pupils are able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of behaviour and interaction with one another in their every day lives through constructive feedback on each other’s work. A range of Active Learning Strategies (including '2 stars and a wish', carouselling and viewing video footage of their work) are utilised to enable pupils to recognise skills acquired, as well as areas for further development. As such, pupils are enabled to work effectively with others, thus developing core skills for life and work.

How your child's progress in their learning will be assessed
In Drama, Pupils will be continually assessed through peer and self evaluation, teacher observation, 2 stars and a wish and strategies through co-operative learning. These assessment strategies will provide an in-depth plan for improvement in their learning across the skills which include self awareness, speech situation's, special awareness, presentation skills and voice skills. There will be literacy experiences and outcome's that will enable pupils to analyse and comment on their work and that of others. Health and Well-being outcome's will be addressed throughout the years as pupils progress and adapt to different situation's and settings.

WorkshopOur Drama pupils have been involved in various projects including BBC River City, BBC Waterloo Road, Greenock Music Festival, Annual Primary Pantomime tour, Halloween performances at Finnlaystone Estate and various Theatre workshops with professionals.
We have a junior Drama Club which meets every Tuesday lunchtime in Miss Harper’s classroom and Thursday lunchtimes for seniors.

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