S2: Making Choices for specialisation in S3

S2 Curriculum Choice for Specialistaion

Under Curriculum for Excellence all pupils are given the opportunity to undertake a range of learning activities providing a broad general education (S1-3) before moving onto National Qualifications in S4-6.

Third year is an important year for our pupils, as they complete their broad general education and prepare for the transition to formal qualifications in senior school. To support this process pupils are given the opportunity to personalise some aspects of their formal school curriculum for S3 by making some choices regarding the subjects they study.

To assist your son /daughter in making the appropriate choices the information booklet, Curriculum Pathways: Advice for Parents of Learners in S2 explains how young people will specialise their learning in some curricular areas to prepare them for studies in the Senior Phase.

Choices of subjects leading to National Qualifications will be made later in S3

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