PGHS Young Enterprise 2016/17

Young EnterpriseRunning throughout one academic year, students find out what it’s really like to set up and run a business. Students make all the decisions about their company, from deciding on the company name and product to creating a business plan, managing the company finances, selling to the public at trade fairs to ultimately winding up the company and paying their taxes. All this takes place with the support of a volunteer Business Adviser who brings a wealth of business knowledge and expertise.


Why Participate?

•Develop key employability skills: 95% of young people felt they have improved at least one key employability competency (Company Programme Impact Report from 2015/16)
•Supports a range of qualification's and University entrance
•Greater self awareness to recognise personality types, strengths and weaknesses and what this means for personal development and for working as part of a team
•First-hand experience of work and insight into a range of roles required to run a business
•Insight into the career of local volunteer employees and the skills which are valued in the workplace
•In-depth understanding of how companies are organised and structured, the different roles and career opportunities that exist and the skills needed to fulfill specific roles
•Knowledge to explain how they have personally demonstrated specific employability skills using real experiences for inclusion in CVs and personal statements or when preparing for interviews

YES16Key features
•A dedicated website called YE Online to help students
•Participate in trade fairs and sell to the public
•Take part in local competitions with the opportunity to compete at regional and national level
•Students take part in self assessment at the beginning and end of their Company experience
•On completing the programme students can join our UK wide Alumni network

Yes1Supports the school curriculum in the following areas:
•Contributes to a students’ study programme
•Provides a real life context to support business studies and applied business awards
•Contributes to a stable careers programme. It provides inspiration and raises aspirations through encounters with employers and employees
•Utilises Young Enterprise’s large established network of volunteers from a range of industries. YE volunteers are trained to work with young people and support the delivery of our programmes
•Provides a real business opportunity in the form of a business start up to explore a range of career opportunities and / or by expanding the student and school / college’s network
•Helps develop vital employability skills including: communication, confidence, financial capability, organisation, initiative, problem solving, resilience and teamwork

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