Friends of Port Glasgow High School

Friends of PGHSThe Friends of Port Glasgow High School has been formed to help the school enlist the support of helpers from within its community. It is an informal association of people who have a connection with the school; former pupils, parents and family members of current pupils, members of the wider community. Its aim is to act as a link between the school and its ‘Friends’ to provide information about school activities and ways in which the school needs help.

What can I do to help?
There are lots of ways to help the young people of the school, some requiring only a little time others needing a greater commitment. Some examples: attending school concerts and the annual School Show, helping out occasionally at a fundraiser, contributing to the young peoples’ social education or business education lessons, being a mentor to a young person, being a link with other community groups, sponsoring a school activity or prize, being a sports coach.

How do I get involved?
Former pupils Glen Miller and Jill Newton have been co-opted onto the Parent Council and will coordinate the project. Information about school activities and help requests will be posted on the Friends’ Facebook page. If you can help, you contact Glen (e-mail: or via the school e-mail: Tel: 01475 715200).

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