Parent Council

Parent Council logoWe are a group of parents with children at Port Glasgow High School. Parent Councils replaced school boards in 2007.

What’s the Parent Council for?

We have four aims:
• Support the school
• Represent the views of parents
• Promote contact between school and home
• Report to the parent forum (that means parents or guardians of all the school’s pupils)

We also have these opportunities:
• to receive information and advice on matters which affect our children’s education.
• to influence decisions are being taken on education provided by the school.
• to take part in the recruitment process for appointing the head and deputy head teachers of the school

What does the Parent Council do?

We meet up regularly (about once a month in term time). The head teacher has a duty and a right to be at (or be represented at) all our meetings. The chair person by law has to be the parent of a child in the school.
We work closely with the Friends of Port Glasgow High School to run fundraising events, such as quiz nights, information events and fun days. See the Friends of PGHS page for more information on their activities.
We attend parents evenings to help gather parents views.
We provide the school with feedback on the information it sends to parents.
… and much more.

Who’s on the Parent Council?

For 2017-18 the parent council members were:
Parent members: Joanna Lunn (chair), Lorna Stein (clerk), Caroline Baxter, George Steele, Faith Dunnachie & Agnes Wards (treasurer).
Co-opted members: Glen Miller, Jill Newton
Staff members: Fiona Craig, Kirsten Fraser.

Can I get involved?

Yes please. Contact office or FB/Twitter for date of next week's meeting, or email us on

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