Supported Study Zone

SuccessA Supported Study scheme is currently available for pupils in the senior school. There are 2 main Supported Study diets 2018-2019. The next bank of Study Sessions will run from February through March 2019 and pupils will be given a detailed timetable in due course.

The purpose of study support is to provide:

•Direct and focused support for key areas of the subject or forthcoming exam.

* Tutorial help in subject areas in which students are experiencing difficulty
guidance on good study habits

* The ability to focus and study away from the TV and noisy brothers and sisters!

After school study sessions take place for one hour on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays Students attending these sessions also have access to the careers library and some of the most up to date computers in the school. Sessions can be directly linked to the curriculum or can be opportunities to take part in sport, musical activities and games.

Students are encouraged to sign up in advance for each Supported Study session in each subject and attendance at Supported Study is recorded.

Tutorial sessions held by individual subjects focus on specific areas of work.

Please encourage your child to attend Supported Study. In many cases, it can prove an essential factor in exam success.

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