Each pupil in the school has a Guidance Teacher. There are 4 Principal Teachers of Guidance whose role is to ensure:

• each pupil knows and is known personally by at least one member of staff
• children’s personal, social and intellectual development is considered
• children are enabled to be aware of own development and responsibility for it
• that specific needs of the pupil are identified and responded to
• development of good relations between teachers and children
• partnership with the home in all aspects of pupil development
• good liaison with support and welfare services
• systematic and effective recording and communication of information relevant to the welfare of children

House System

The school has 2 Houses, Kingston and Ferguson. Each pupil is allocated to a House Group and attends a registration period each morning with that group. House Groups contain pupils from all year groups S1-6, and members of families are placed in the same group. Pupils remain in the same House Group throughout their time in school helping build a relationship between the House Group Tutor, Guidance Teacher and the home.

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