School Aims (incl. Improvement Plan)

School Values and Aims

Port Glasgow High School  - ‘Learning Together for Success’

We build our school community on our Core Values
• Learning
• Respect
• Confidence
• Ambition

Our School Aims reflect these Core Values
Building respect and confidence by promoting ambition, achievement and life-long learning
• We aim to ensure high quality learning experiences and promote positive attitudes to lifelong learning
• We aim to develop relationships where every individual is respected and valued
• We aim to provide experiences which build self-esteem and self-belief
• We aim to celebrate achievements and develop a desire to contribute to society

In order to achieve these Aims we work costantly to improve the learning experiences and achievements of our young people. Transforming Learning in Port Glasgow High School and our School Improvement Plan give details of how we are working towards this.

Aims PosterComplaints about our service

We realise that occasionally things can go wrong, so we want to know when you are not entirely satisfied with our service.

We see any valid concern or complaint as an opportunity to improve our service.
A concern may arise if an individual thinks that the school has :

  • done something wrong
  • failed to do something we should have done
  • acted unfairly or impolitely

The Adobe Acrobat Format documents available on the right hand side of this page provide more information on making complaints and raising concerns.

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